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Jean Claude trashes his Parent's Paris apartment and rings up Ben

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With no parents around Jean Claude is having a party and he is thinking of bringing out another keg of beer, just as it was drawing to a close. Nick the unemployed greek government worker and Javier the out of work construction worker are happy to go on with the party, they have nothing to do tomoorow in any case. Richard is about to leave saying that he has had too much to drink already. Franz on the other hand,  is not so sure, he knows he has to get up in the morning, but a party is a party!, The others convince him not to think about tomorrow, let us not remind ourselves of the huge hangover which we will have to deal with and lets not dwell too much on how trashed Jean Claude's apartment will be when the party is finally over.

Jean Claude and all the partygoers know that the party has already destroyed most of his Ikea furniture in any case, so he figures what the hell! "Dominique, lets get the other Keg of beer out!", "yuhu!!!, yeaaahhh!" shrills Dominique

Whilst Dominique has gone to get the keg, JC calls up Ben in New York, his reckless party animal buddy from uni. Ben is also having a wild party. Ben has got a tab with Budweiser with some dodgy credentials so he has obtained loads of booze really cheaply and JC can hear the music thumping and pumping in the backround. They joke about how Ben has no furniture at all on account of his Vegas lifestyle.

JC knows its going to be a huge, huge hangover and asks Ben if he knows of any hangover cures, apart from Ben's usual answer which is to "take a very stiff drink with a raw egg  when you wake up".

Ben answers that he has heard that you cant get rid of the hangover, but by drinking 2 or 3 glasses of water before he goes to bed, it will soften the blow, and make you feel like everything did not crash. Ben says that he is instructing his party buddies to put in these "stop measures" so that the fall wont be as noticeable.

Before JC gets back to the party, Ben jokes that JC might be able to soften the blow of the hangover, but he will still need another trip to Ikea, in order to replace all that trashed stuff.

The next day Jean Claude and Dominique opt for "take a very stiff drink with a raw egg  when you wake up", maybe they will try the water idea at next weeks party

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