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Apple New Disasteres Marketing Plan

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL)

after apple launched the iPhone-5 the stock's price was at an all-time record of- $ 702.
IPhone may have been new but it was not innovative,
the price fell sharply and commentators and analysts tried to assess the optimal support rate of the Share.

Finally, the stock was found a support in the $ 520 region and since then it stagnates at these levels.

Apparently the price of the company declined mainly because of three main factors:

A - rate of sales of the iPhone 5 was inflated, the expectation was ten million new iPhones When in fact it was much less.

Apple's dismissive attitude toward the clietns regarding problems regarding products and draconian regulations on the use of its i-tunes and applestore- content abuse, over the years caused much antagonism against the company. About a month ago mall security guards shocked A femail client who wanted to buy more than 2 iPhones , Apple did not even apologized on its behavior and justified it by saing the client was a Chinese American who was probably going to sell
The family iPhones in China at an exorbitant price.

(Even if this is the case, why would you care on whaever the consumer does with the iPhones? The Interests of the company Should be to sell its products to anyone who wants it and not limit them.

the customers anger was reflected in the market - the share holders just do not believe Apple customers Remained loyal to it after the dismissive attitude over the past years.

C - lack of ingenuity and innovation in the new device have raised concerns that perhaps Apple after Steve Jobs is actually
That same anemic company it was before - and this is actually the most important point.

currently, is a Las Vegas electronics show -CET -

All technology companies predetermined the deadlines for Various developments especially before the exhibition so that they could introduce thier new innovations.
And win a sweeping publication and appreciated by their peers (exhibit widely covered in all networks Media and Internet sites).
Apple's competitors such as Sony and Samsung demonstrated new phones with surprising innovations -
Interfacing cellphone with TV screens and computer touch screens Super HD, high quality cameras and complete immunity to dust and water and other amazing abilities there probably next year the way we move
And consume information.

What was Apple's response? Not new and surprising program (beyond the existing program of a Phone with artificial intelligence that Google is already way peak development) was a device declaration
Cheap iPhone will cost $ 200.

Apple is trying to fight the cheap Chinese-based smartphones Android by marketing exercise
Called "dual branding" - like that the company Nike has Hike those who want quality at Reasonable care brand not so cheap appeals to iPhone not want to flaunt iPhone
Newest and crazy there but do not want to buy cheap Chinese iPhone.
In my personal opinion this is a mistake marketing disaster.
I understand Apple's desire to fight smartphones cheap but this is not the way.
Risk are cheap iPhones for Apple is the revenue impact from the acquisition of content Haflstor
And iTunes.

If so Apple should invest in developing many different content that will be available
Google's Android.

Apple should invest in the development and customer service to position itself once again as a young and innovative Magic.

Apple investors were willing to buy the stock even at the cost of $ 700 was its "coolness".

it's the same "coolness" customers were willing to Wait and sleep in front of Apple store for the right to be the first to have the new product
From Apple.

This company investors want and dragged a street fighting with an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

Until Apple does not provide itself again and create innovative product and leads
The kind you do not know what is good, but only after you it really will continue to share network
And investors will take their money to competitors and therefore breaks the gate price of $ -500 down to
The next support level

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