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Donkel/Cade hire former Exxon President to Help Bring the Oil & Gas Industry Back to Stinson Discovery on North Slope of Alaska

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Houston: July 19, 2010. Dr. R. G. Bailey, retired president of Exxon Arabian Gulf, has been retained to help promote the development of over 96,000 acres on the North Slope of Alaska currently owned by Dr. Samuel H. Cade and Daniel K. Donkel, longtime Alaskan investors.

This post is worth reading, Bailey also spent time with Buccaneer Energy when they were doing the Pompano project.  He helped get that project going fast and it looks like he is now working with Donkel to bring more companies to the North Slope.  I don't know if that is a Buccaneer Play or not.

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I think this represents just how big Alaska could be to independents today.  For instance, if the rumors are true and Apache is buying BP's assets in Alaska, what does that mean for smaller independents.  Have we seen the rush begin or we will still have to wait and see.

It is interesting that Apache would reveal that they have bought leases in the Cook Inlet, but not tell us who they bought them from.  Then Donkel puts out an announcement that they are now pushing their North Slope properties with no mention of the Cook Inlet.

This is a great line from the article on Donkel.

“In light of the recent coverage of North Slope drilling tax incentives and recent acquisition activity by independents, hiring Dr. Bailey will help us find the right company to acquire our North Slope Acreage.  This will support Governor Parnell and the Alaska Legislature’s commitment to helping responsibly develop its resources to the benefit of Alaskans, the State of Alaska, and the United States” said Dan Donkel.

I wonder how the Bailey, Buccaneer, Donkel relationship looks like, or is this all just coincidence.
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