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US Dictatorship Harassing Libertarian Families Again.

Recieved this from a libertarian forum:

We at ADAM VS THE MAN have been cheering for Joshua Hakken and for justice for the Hakken family, but not just because he is a valued member of the community & an active participant in the forums at While the exact circumstances of their situation & recent events have yet to come to light, we are still hoping that the Hakken family will have their case heard properly without the shameless slandering that the government has carried out so far. As with millions of other families in America, the Hakkens were victims of overzealous bureaucrats who callously tore their family apart on at best insufficient grounds & at worst by selective political persecution for being what the government reports simply as "anti-government." Fortunately, this has drawn a line in the sand that should at least get people to consider the monopolistic coercive nature of government. We still hope for justice for the Hakken family, are counting on their story being properly heard now, and are grateful that they are all at least out of any immediate threat to their safety.

So USA is not a dictatorship?? USA does acts like nazi germany yet again.