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Market Makes a Move to Multiyear Highs

|Includes:CLF, JNPR, LVS, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

Santa came early for subscribers of mine, booking nice wins all day long (see below). 

  • December 21, 2010
  • 11:15 | Bagger Vance NVDA ($14.76) Sold to Close NVDA 012211 12.5 C Jan 13 calls, at $2.33 +46%
  • 11:13 | Bagger Vance CLF ($80.10) Sold to Close CLF 012211 75 CALL Jan 75 calls, at $6.40 +75%
  • 11:12 | Bagger Vance JNPR ($37.50) Sold to Close JNPR 012211 34 C Jan 34 calls, at $3.70 +101%
  • 10:18 | Bagger Vance LVS ($47.20) Sold to Close LVS 012211 44 C Jan 44 calls, at $4.50 +69%

Now, a couple were longer term holds, like a few weeks - others were only a few days long.  The point is, if you're not getting the alerts in a timely fashion you cannot possibly follow with any consistency.  While I put some ideas in the trading room, catching up is the problem.  Ask any of the members in the room and they'll tell you the same.  Take the choice so you can score good wins!  Many more in the oven now, but click here to get started!

A strong rally today on moderate volume - the VIX still anointed weak status here.  At just under 17 the market is not estimating much big movement, of course the occasional scare might arise.  Bonds were modestly higher on the long end of the curve, while put/call ratios dropped (bullish sentiment).  The action today was paced by financials, tech and commodities - the usual groups that have been strong in this recent bull market.  Gold was rather calm today was was silver, but coal and steel names thrived.  Banks are really showing some good mettle here and while we have not ventured out to these they are certainly on the radar.  The rest of the week looks a bit sleepier, but we could see some volatility coming into play before the Xmas break.  Next Monday starts the Santa Claus rally, which lasts through Jan 4.

Hope to have you jump on board with me!  Hit 'em straight,