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What Blackberry Needs To Do FAST!

A few things which I feel Blackberry needs to do really fast to get back on track:

1) Improve Z10 Battery Life: Yes we saw the new OS update but what was stopping them to use a 2100 mAmp battery VS the current 1800 mAmp. A smartphone which gives the best battery life thanks to the efficiency of its OS, processor etc shall always be the talk of the town. This should have been done especially when Z10 goes on sale at par with likes of new iPhone and Galaxy S4 : $199

2) Faster launch of Q10: One of the major reasons why people stuck with Blackberry was its best in class keyboard. So a prompt launch of Q10 was very important to share the new BB10 OS experience with the already die hard loyal BB fans. By delaying it Blackberry can't afford to lose any of its keyboard fans as that has been the main reason why we still see around 79 million BB subscribers. God knows what is stopping them to launch the Q10 sooner especially when we have seen such a BIG delay in the launch of even the Z10 in the US and many parts of the world. As we know the product cycles are getting smaller (6 months). Why do you want to give time to Samsung and Apple to pounce on your new innovation? Also blaming it to carriers is not fair. We must admit its Blackberry who delayed the launch and they should have anticipated the delay in testing a brand new OS.

3) Emerging Market Strategy: Many of the loyal Blackberry base has still been in places like India, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, United Arab Emirates etc. Why could not Blackberry launch affordable ($250-300 handset) blackberry models on the new BB10 OS? Even a months delay shall make many BB Curve etc low cost handset users and fans of Blackberry leave them for likes of Samsung, LG, Nokia etc who have a lot wider range of handset price range. We must not forget that Blackberry no longer has the advantage it once used to have via its BBM. So I urge the management to be more proactive and not neglect the very important emerging markets. Also I don't know of the other emerging markets but in India I can see for sure that other handset makers are doing a far better job in terms of marketing and advertisements. Like Nokia and Samsung have India focused ads which show Indian's using their phones. Blackberry and Apple is still using the same ads that they use in US. The Indian ad that Blackberry is currently showing for the Z10 will surely not appeal even the top 2% of premium smartphone buyers in India. Also in order to make these premium smartphones more affordable Samsung and now Apple has come out with an EMI plan where after a small down payment the buyer pays a monthly fixed installments for 12 months. Blackberry still have to come out with this for the Z10. Plans of such kinds should be given in all emerging markets where the system of selling cellphones is different as compared to in US where you have a 2 years contract etc.

4) Initiate A Small Buyback: We all know that Heins is very confident that Blackberry is not headed to bankruptcy and the balance sheet is extremely strong. Also they have managed the balancesheet very smartly and avoided any cash burn rather have added cash. Why can't we have a buyback of around $500 million and scare the HELL out of the short sellers? The management should sincerely consider this and get rid of such ridiculous short positions especially when things have started to look so good for Blackberry. With a short squeeze and stock going to levels of $25-$30 many bashers who daily write articles to bash Blackberry on Forbes etc shall stop and hide in a cave.

Please feel to add your feedback as this is my first article. I really want Blackberry to be successful. They had to sacrifice around 5000 jobs. Also I personally feel a duopoly of Apple and Samsung is never a good idea for the end users. So Go Blackberry!

Disclosure: I am long BBRY. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.