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Hawaiian Holding (HA): Great Report By Prescience Funds! Here's Another Way Too Look At It ...

|Includes:Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (HA), LUV, RJETQ, UAL

... and realize how deeply undervalued HA is ... especially when Compared to its peers!!

Link to the Prescience Report: Link

To starts ... a quick example to show you ... how HA has yet to profit from the strong bullish sentiment we have recently seen around Airlines Companies!

1. The Post Recession Exuberance around Airlines Companies!!

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2. Let's have a look at the Price to sales Multiple Expansion!? One of my favorite metrics (for sound companies).

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As you can see … on a PS metric base … HA has a long way to go … before it catches up and reaches the valuations of its competitors!

4. More important is that HA appears to be undervalued also on the basis of the other widely-used metrics!

… if you combine … how the market if valuing other companies … with the profound DD offered today by Prescience Funds you will see why HA will easily be a $20+ stock later in the year (or early 2015).

A very simple analysis … just to give you an Idea of what I mean …

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The price Target disclosed by Prescience Funds would be reached even if HA were to only converge to industry average valuations metrics … … (imagine what could an improving operative performance at HA … then do …. to the PPS).

A price Target of $20 is very realistic … … conservative … I would say!

Disclosure: I am long AH.