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Horizon Pharma ... Initial Notes!

|Includes:Horizon Pharma plc (HZNP)

Here my notes on Horizon Pharma. The plan was to divide the Report into 2 parts, where in the first the absurd VIDARA acquisition was going to be addressed ... .. while in the second part ... the sub-average AND over-priced current HZNP product Mix had to be exposed. Well, apparently the 2nd part isn't necessary anymore. My take was that, insurers would soon have started ending coverage for 2 overpriced and unnecessary combos ... namely Duexis and Vidara... (whose prices had increased by more than XXX% in 3 years).

* pls be careful on the Rev Table. Some data are obtained through interpolation. So, you should read the SEC filings and get the data yourself. Substance does however not Change.

** Just notes ... maybe someone can pick up a new perspective. Nothing more

Disclosure: The author is short HZNP.

Stocks: HZNP