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To whom it may concern in the Federal Government and on Wall Street:

You are like two big bullies fighting it out in the school yard, and we (the American people) are caught in the middle. STOP TRYING TO HURT EACH OTHER, BECAUSE YOU’RE HURTING US. Wall Street, you are not a casino, so stop trying to defend what you KNOW is wrong, or you will not have any money to invest with because we will put it someplace else, like Gold. Accept reform; be more transparent, build in protection for the little guy against flash-crashes; level the playing field so that high-frequency traders’ computers get disconnected during periods of high volatility. And for god’s sake, how much compensation do you really need? Just because the guy down the block made a few million more is not a reason. You need us to survive, and you have a long way to go to restore our confidence.

Uncle Sam, stop spending my hard earned money. You can’t even turn a profit in April. Clearly the spending is out of control, and we will vote you out and keep voting you out until someone takes us seriously. We are not going to go down the same road as Greece. I know you can just print more money, and Greece can’t, but that makes you lazy and makes the problem worse. More debt does not fix a debt crisis. Quit kicking the can down the road and FIX IT!  Clearly YOU are too big to fail. And quit flexing your muscles, suing and fining everything on Wall Street to bend their will and make your point. You need Wall Street to be strong, so stop beating the crap out of them, cause your hurting us.

The world is full of problems right now and we have our hands full with terrorism, war, energy policy, health care policy, oil wells gushing out of control, flooding, and immigration to name a few. It’s freaking depressing. So the LAST thing we need right now is to watch our 401K’s go up in smoke while you two feud it out. KNOCK IT OFF.

The American People

Disclosure: No Stocks Mentioned