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GETG, Green Earth Tech

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Green Earth Technologies, GETG, markets an array of branded, environmentally-friendly, bio-based performance and cleaning products to the automotive, outdoor power equipment and marine markets.

EPA Approved

GETG sells an innovative, EPA approved surface washing agent, which can be used to clean-up oil spills. In the wake of the April 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, this can prove to be an invaluable part of the overall business.

American Petroleum Institute Certified

Green Earth's G-OIL Motor Oil was the world's first API SM certified bio-based motor oil (one notch below SN). They are on schedule to receive the SN certification, the most innovative standard.


USDA Certified

On April 4th, 2011, U.S. agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan  announced Green Earth Technologies has been named one of eleven companies that are approved to use the USDA's new product label on certified bio-based products. Read the full Report


Distribution through Top Tier Retailers


Home Depot


Canadian Tire

Pep Boys

ACE - True Value

National Auto

British Petroleum

GSA Government

National Grid

J.D. Irving


Superior Performance 100% Green

The “green” base of the performance products is comprised of animal fats, while the cleaning and surface washing agents use plant and vegetable oils. These biodegradable bases replace traditional petroleum and chemical derived bases typically used to make motor oils, cleaning solutions and other consumer products without compromising performance or value. The products are positioned to deliver comparable or superior performance at competitive prices.

The G-Branded family of products are grouped under the following categories: G-OIL, G-FUEL, G-CLEAN, G-GLASS, and G-MARINE. These products are offered in a wide range of automotive, marine and outdoor power equipment categories.OxB04122011© Read the full Report

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