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Are you Ready to cash-in your poker chips? states and gaming companies are!

|Includes:EGT, MGAM, PokerTek, Inc. (PTEK)

Ready to cash-in your chips? states and gaming companies are!

Budget deficits are forcing many states to look for new revenue sources, gambling, though controversial, remains an important source – on-line gambling until recently was illegal - However, under the new rules states are now Free to operate and permit gaming companies to open up online gambling operation, this could be a huge new revenue source for the states.


States like New York and Nevada are planing to sell everything from lottery tickets to high stakes poker games on line. Big gaming companies are also gearing up, we think a small company, PTEK, could benefit from it.  read more

PokerTekPTEK - develops and markets products for the gaming and amusement industries. PokerTek developed PokerPro automated poker tables and related software applications to increase revenue, reduce expenses and attract new players into poker rooms by offering interactive poker that is fast, fun and mistake-free.

Heads-Up Challenge is a two-player table that allows bars and restaurant patrons to compete head-to-head in various games for amusement purposes, increases earnings for game operators and provides patrons unique and challenging on-site entertainment.

The new ProCore automated table game platform allows operators to configure the game rules and payouts. The company distributes its gaming products worldwide.

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