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The Age Of Destructionism Is Characterized By Investment Deflation, And Economic Deflation, Which Requires Regional Economic Governance To Establish Regional Security, Stability And Sustainability

Liberalism was the paradigm and age of inflationism, but inasmuch as on October 23, 2013, the bond vigilantes called the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48%, they established a global economic and political coup d etat, whereby they PIVOTED the world out of the former paradigm and age, into that of authoritarianism, which is characterized by destructionism.

Bloomberg reports EU must contain energy costs or risk deindustrialization. Europe must get a grip on energy prices to protect growth and stop its industry from fleeing abroad, according to two top policy makers. The region needs to reduce the cost gap with the U.S., where a shale-gas revolution has slashed prices, European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger told a conference in Berlin via a video link from Brussels.

Please consider that Guenther Oettinger is the father of regional economic governance, as he infers regional economic policies of cost containment to prevent the risk of deindustrialization, which evidences awareness of one of many new normals in the age of destructionism.

It was the dynamos of liberalism, these being creditism, corporatism, globalism, and clientelism, that drove the investor and his investment choice to pursue a number of profitable opportunities, such as US Infrastructure, PKB, and its Business Service Providers, FLT, Pipe Manufacturers, WOR, RS, its Energy Producers, COP, its Energy Pipelines, SE, its Energy Refiners, VLO, to produce the energy that Europe buys, at what the EU Energy Commissioner points out is a top dollar price.

The German commissioner is calling for regional economic policy and regional action to cut costs, so as to be able to maintain industrial production and GDP. In the new normal of the EU's economic price deflation, demand destruction is also at work making a coordinated Eurozone response to the many new normal challenges all the more imperative.

In the new paradigm and age of destructionism, the singular economic dynamo of regionalism, will be accessed by regional leaders, who work in public private partnerships, for statist economic oversight and management of commerce, trade, banking, credit, resources, as well as the factors of production to establish regional security, stability and sustainability.

Under authoritarianism, policies of regional economic governance will replace democratic nation state policies of investment choice, as well as banker policies of credit stimulus.

Libertarians decried nation state banker intervention, as well as economic intervention of all types; it is reasonable that they will denounce regional intervention just as much if not more, as it establishes regional economic fascism.

Destructionism will become so intense, that an entirely new form of government, governmental sovereignty and authority will be required to effectively deal with the many faceted dynamics of the new economy of destructionism.

This new government is regional economic governance, and its counterpart is authoritarianism's debt servitude as the world pivots from liberalism's investment choice as investors derisk out of debt trades, and deleverage out of currency carry trades, that provided lucrative investment reward.

The beast regime's sovereignty is Deutungshoheit in nature. The monetary authority of authoritarianism's beast regime features the security, stability and sustainability of the policies of diktat of regional leaders, not bankers, in regional governance, and in the schemes of debt servitude of totalitarian collectivism.

There is only one sovereignty, and it provides only one life experience. Deutungshoheit is defined as interpretational sovereignty and connotes supremacy in all things, the result being German economic, banking, credit, and military supremacy, over all of the Eurozone. German linguist Thorsten Pattberg relates Deutungshoheit is a German word meaning "having the sovereignty over the definition of thought," sometimes also called "the prerogative of final explanation."

Authority now longer resides in democracy; now Obrigkeit, as the Germans say, resides in the beast regime's policies of diktat in regional governance in all of the world's ten regions, and has affect in schemes of debt servitude in totalitarian collectivism in each of the mankind's seven institutions.

The only rule of law that exists under authoritarianism is the word, will and way of regional leaders. These provide diktat money replacing fiat money for the singular life experience of debt servitude.

Under democracy one was an investor knowing life in a variety of investment choices via a strong use of credit; now under authoritarianism one is a debt serf, experiencing an ever increasing debt servitude.

Under liberalism, monetary transmission of fiat money went to the investor, this is seen in The Economic Collapse Blog post The number of working age Americans without a job has risen by almost 10 million under Obama. And in The LA Times post US wealth gap grew during recession, Stanford report finds. And in The SCPI report National Report Card on Poverty and Inequality.

Under authoritarianism, monetary transmission will become quite effective for a number of people, as great numbers of people will marvel, and follow after the beast, proclaiming its power to be irresistible.