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The Real Reason Companies Are Not Using Automated Software To Build Their Shareholder Base

|Includes:American International Group Inc (AIG), NKE

There are a few reasons why companies are not using automated software to help grow their shareholder bases.

Entrepreneurship is organizing, managing, and foreseeing risks in a business owned by him/herself or somebody else. Through this article we will focus on having ambition and a positive attitude to achieve the same to grow your business to a larger scale altogether...We will also focus on automated web tools to accelerate businesses and markets.

First, start considering yourself an entrepreneur and not an employee. Today, the main reason behind failure of lot of startup businesses is the lack of an entrepreneur mindset, especially in home businesses. Right attitude and positive thinking is must for running business for long term. You must start thinking our of box. One should an idol in mind to develop required entrepreneur mindset like Bill gate of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apply, and many more you know from real world. Think about the all those unique qualities they had from others.

•Attitude to Drive Ambition:

Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Oprah, Steve Jobs, etc had that right and positive attitude to achieve their ambition. They all have a mindset to become millionaire when they started working as an entrepreneur. Important thing here is you need to start believing in what you want to achieve in life. It's attitude, which creates a difference between you and others. If you think you failed before you actually started then it's simply end of story. So, start developing positive attitude to grow big time.

•Strong Faith in Driving Business:

You should believe and have faith in your God and given abilities to drive business. Be ready for setbacks too. There is no free food available in this real world. There is push start button to drive your business with almost perfect entrepreneurship. It takes lot of hard work, self confidence, self motivation, innovation, and discipline.

In other words, if you already on right move, motivation, positive attitude and ambition then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

•Adapt new Technologies and Ideas:

Today, internet plays a very important role in driving your business. During 1990s, majority of us not even knew what is internet? And today companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and many more have changed the scenario completely and generating huge amount of money for the company and their shareholders through internet. Entrepreneurs driving business for these companies had lot of creative mindset in visualizing a much bigger picture and looking into huge financial growth by launching IPOs of their companies.

•Keep your Mind open for Accepting Changes:

We all are humans. We all set some sort of set schedule to perform our daily routine activities like brushing your teeth, to go to sleep, eating, etc. If we are asked to change this schedule someday then we become reluctant and hesitant to do so because we are ritualistic with regards to our daily activities.

Entrepreneurship for home business or work from home business is not having any difference. As per statistics from administration department of U.S. for small business, 50% of businesses fails in first year itself and 95% fails in five years. Main reason for such staggering figures of failures is because of failure to accept changes in your business.

•Strong Competitive Nature:

One of the most strongest and common attribute of any successful entrepreneurship. It's never say die attitude and competitive nature makes difference in your entrepreneurship. Let's take an example of Tomas Edison here, he failed more than 14,000 times before he invented light bulb.

Remember your inability to take require action can limit your abilities. To have entrepreneur mindset one must have positive attitude and believe in what he/her does to achieve goals.

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