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Democracy And The Natural Born Losers!

Lately I keep reading articles about the bad politicians that want to destroy our country/world and how they should be changed with other politicians that will do the will of the people. Now let's talk a little about "the people" and their will.

Who is the people? Well, to answer to this question I will present the results of the baccalaureate exam (that is the exam that you need to pass and the end of the high school). According to the official statistics in Romania (where I live) only 25% of the students passed it. I also made a small research on how many of the students that passed had a higher mark than 8 (from 10, which is the highest mark) and I saw that only 40% of them had a higher mark. I consider that these students are the only ones able to finish the college and be productive and efficient. As a side note, in 2011 there were 3% less students that passed the baccalaureate than in 2012 - so 22% of them passed.
So "the people" is made from 75% people that can not pass the exams at the end of the high school, 15% of the people that can pass it and somehow can manage to either do some other form of higher education or even go to college and 10% people that can go to college and will be efficient...

Once more: the 75% that could not pass the exam are the people!!!

Let's analyze a little the 3 categories of students: the larger which is 75% of them do not have any real skill to compete on the labor market and more than that, they do not have the credentials to get some higher education. They are the natural born losers. These people are 19 years old and already at this point their future does not look that bright. But relax, here comes democracy to the rescue!!! Each of them has exactly ONE vote and the losers outnumber the other categories 3 to 1. And do you think that these people want real money with no inflation, proportional taxes? Do they want small government without any wealth transfer from one class to the other? Do they want the nanny state to disappear? No, they want the nanny state, they want wealth transfer, they want the centrals banks to print and the governments to spend like there is no tomorrow because they are the main beneficiaries of that spending. And the politicians are there to oblige.

Consequently we as a society will print and spend until we crash because for 75% of the people there actually is no tomorrow. Why? Because they have nothing to loose, no skills, no assets, no capital, nothing... Blaming the politicians for what the voters actually want will get nowhere, and unfortunately there is no solution that does not imply a total collapse of the current social order. If you think otherwise you are deluding yourself!!