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July 7, 2014

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$10,000 Trading Account

Traders Comments

There are 4 open positions:

BA July 130 Calls

CLDX July 16 Calls

KIRK July 20 Calls

OSIR July 16 Calls

Funds in Use $ 1,802

Loss for the week $ 52

YTD Gain $ 1,405


This holiday shortened week we had a small loss of $52 reducing our YTD gain to $1,402.

While the market continues to grind higher (yes, even I'm getting tired of using that phrase) complacency continues to increase. That, in itself is not really a problem, but the herd of recent investors can be easily shaken by a negative surprise. So the question remains for traders fear or greed? Are they more likely to close out longs or shorts at the end of the week? Clearly, with this shortened week the answer was to keep (and add to) the longs with the Dow and S&P500 up to new

all time high closes.

For those who have no memory, this was the same situation that occurred at year end.

The primary difference is that the run up in December was roughly 80 S&P points and the current is only 45. The Dow run is also only half the December move. So, technically, we may have some room to run, but I am wary. My advice here is stay involved, but do not hesitate to take some gains off the table and initiate smaller starting positions. You can always add-on if you protect your capital. Remember that the year- end rally DID NOT come with a warning. The Dow started down on the first trading day and lost 1200 and the S&P 115 points. As I've said before, "they don't ring a bell" and if we start lower it is always possible to see that elusive correction that all the talking heads on TV keep predicting.

One issue that keeps being repeated is that we are not expanding the new highs list. While

this is true, there are several issues to consider. One, many of the "important" names are

making new highs and some weak sisters like IBM are showing good strength coming off pullbacks. IBM can rally over 10% and still not hit a new high...this is what rotation is all about; and two, there is

plenty of very cheap money around to do deals. PETM was another stock that rolled over in the March to May period and collapsed from $70 to $64 and then again to $55...a great short play.

However, Thursday there was an announcement that an activist had taken a 9.9% stake with an eye on taking the company private. PETM closed at $ 67.28, up $ 7.47. Monsanto (NYSE:MON) was another example of less expensive available money to enable them to borrow $4.5Bil for a share buyback which cost them about 3% interest. These are typical of the kind of scenario that puts money back into the hands of investors the same way new issues take it out. It can't be ignored.

Of the 7 "gap-fill stocks" mentioned here last week, 5 were up and 2 slightly lower and even COH managed a small gain after it's 3 step move lower from $56 to $35.


Market Strategies $10,000 Trading Account

Trade Table

New Trades:

1) Buy 8 XLF August 22 Calls @ $ 0.78

( All trades entries are Limit Orders )

2) Buy 2 AMZN July 335 Calls @ $ 4.10








Sold 6 TLT July 113 Calls ( 50% Loss Rule )



Bought 6 OSIR July 16 Calls




$ 222 Loss


Bought 6 TLT July 113 Calls





Bought 4 BA July 130 Calls





Bought 4 CLDX July 16 Calls 2 lots sold at 2.35 leaves 2 lots




$ 170 Gain


Bought 10 KIRK July 20 Calls




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