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Portfolio Update: Established 2 New Positions On Friday

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL), FSLR, LDK, S, SPWR, SUNEQ, TSL

As per my blog post this past Friday, Feb 15th and just after the opening bell , I went ahead and established positions in First Solar and Trina Solar...

I used a portion of the portfolio's $33,782 cash to take new positions in the following CALL options:

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR): Bought 30 - April 20, 2013, $33 Strike Price CALLS @ $4.05

Trina Solar (NYSE:TSL): Bought 30 - June 22nd, 2013, $5.00 StrikePrice CALLS @ $0.94

After the above two purchases, this portfolio's current cash position is $18,697.10...I have plans for that cash and will state them in my next blog post...

As of this past week's closing on Friday, Feb 15, 2013, the portfolio's current market value, including cash, is $41,314.10 and to date, is up +313.10% ...

I have included screenshots of the purchase price(s) [highlighted in light magenta] and have updated the Excel spreadsheet to accurately reflect the portfolio's current holdings...


DISCLAIMER: All postings made here are strictly for my personal record keeping and in no way, shape or form, am I even remotely suggesting others to follow my Buy and Sell moves. Trading options is definitely not for the faint of heart as one's portfolio can move up, or down, anywhere between 10%-30% during a single trading day. Feel free to follow my progress here, but PLEASE do not follow my moves. However, if, in spite of all my exhortations, should you decide to do so, be advised that you, and ONLY YOU will be responsible for any losses that you may suffer...In other words, the onus is strictly on you.

Disclosure: The author is long FSLR, LDK, S, TSL.