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UPDATE: Re: To All Those Who Walked The Talk: Thank You!

Further to my April 30th post, I would like to put a shining spotlight on all those who opened up their wallets and donated to the various non-profits on the DonorNation platform...

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge Mr. David Dolgen of San Diego, who goes by the handle doubld...David, blew me away by donating...drum-roll please...$55,000! That's's not a misprint...The bulk of David's money went to Planned Parenthood of San Diego and he also donated to Crohn's and Colitis Foundation...David, my hat's off to are a true Giver and because of your amazing generosity, I will make doubly sure that you do especially well with your portfolio because I know that you will always give and give BIG in the future! Thank You, David!

In addition to David Dolgen, I also want to thank the following individuals:

Mr. James Hill of Los Angeles donated $7,000 to ArtReach, EcoLife, Reality Changers and the New Children's Museum. James, who is a very talented sculptor, also donated to my company, the beautiful, hand-crafted, 24 carat gold plated DonorNation School Volunteer of the Year Award Trophy...Thank you, James! Here's a link to James' website where you can see his beautiful artwork...My wife and I are proud collectors of his art...Website: ;

Ms. Lanh Tran of San Diego donated $7,000 to Feeding America.

Ms. Lily Youkhanna donated $7,000 to a number of non-profits.

Mr. Frank Reich donated $2,000 to a couple of non-profits.

Casey Fersch: $1,000

Thomas Bangsted: $950

Damien Iniguez: $500

Chet Kagel: $500

Rohan Pendharkar: $500

Mike Cifone: $350

Brian Conklin: $300

Aron Hauser: $100

Eran Lewis: $70

I am very proud of my band of passionate Givers who collectively gave a total of $82,270(!!!) to various worthy non-profits on the DonorNation platform. To truly appreciate the difference you Givers are making in our Communities, I would like to share an email that James Hill received from the Executive Director of ArtReach:

From: Judy Berman Silbert

Subject: A huge ArtReach thank you!

Date: May 4, 2014 at 12:03:44 PM PDT

To: James Hill

Reply-To: Judy Berman Silbert

Hi James,

Your very generous donation to ArtReach has left us quite speechless. Thank you so very much. We feel especially privileged to have the support of artists like you. Thank you for helping us deliver visual arts education to under served schools in our county. Please let me know any time if you would like more information about our program and, please accept this as our first informal thanks for your generosity. You will receive a letter for your records within the next few weeks.

With great respect,


Judy Berman Silbert
ArtReach Executive Director

Our other Givers have received very similar thank you notes from the heads of various non-profits who benefited from their respective generosities. What a great feeling, not just for the Givers and the non-profits, but also for me personally, knowing that the Options2Wealth blog played the role of the catalyst.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!