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Voice Of The Trader: Online Trading Academy Reviews From Current And Former Students

Update 8/26/2013: You can see continually updated reviews at

An educational institution isn't like a product that you can touch and see before buying. You're investing in an overall experience, which is why the most important Online Trading Academy reviews are from those who have actually learned to trade or improved its skills through the classes.

Probably the warmest reviews are of Online Trading Academy instructors. Here's an example, about futures instructor Bob Dunn: "Our instructor, Bob Dunn, was extremely generous with his time, attention, and willingness to share his personal experience. As an actual floor trader, he gave us insights into the trading arena that we could not have otherwise obtained. He responded to all students with friendliness and kindness."

A second category of Online Trading Academy reviews concerns the curriculum. For example: "The Professional Forex class not only teaches students the fundamentals of the Forex market but also reintroduces prior graduates of OTA to the core strategy of trading any market through technical analysis. Anyone can find supply and demand on a chart but our instructor taught us how to find high quality zones in a higher timeframe context, which trade setups have the highest probability for success and what unique psychology challenges traders will face."

But for prospective students who are hesitating to take the jump to a trading education, or those who have been disappointed with other trading, perhaps the most important Online Trading Academy reviews are from graduates who have shopped around: "When it comes to hands-on investing/trading programs, Online Trading Academy is THE BEST! I started with Proactive Investing to improve my retirement asset management skills. I continued with ProTrader, Futures, Forex and Options for taxable account assets. OTA instructors have introduced me to strategies, tools and techniques to profitably manage them. OTA Secaucus staff make sure they promptly handle my class, materials and support requests. And: Having taken other classes from other "gurus" and having read many books, I found the sheer practical nature and content that addresses the real world of trading to be superb. These folks really trade. Others just write courses."

If you are thinking about enrolling, you can confirm your decision through your own Online Trading Academy reviews: visit your local center, ask to meet some students, then ask them to honestly evaluate the program. (This is easy to do during the half-day introductory course, which usually includes a tour of the facility.) Or if you're considering online courses, ask your Education Counselor for the names of some students you can talk to on the phone. You've got nothing to lose, and an important level of confidence to gain.