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The Top 5 Predictions For 2013

1. Apple becomes a trend-follower (Apple: AAPL)

Apple freaks are who they are because they know what to expect from their Apple devices. As we know, Apple only gradually add new features to their devices (such as the iPhone), so those looking for anything uber-innovative will have to look elsewhere. However, don't get disappointed by this because if you've been following Apple news like the loyalist you are, you should already know that Apple will possibly be working towards a watch that will funtion with an Apple device. Through Bluetooth connectivity, one would be able to answer incoming calls to name one of the features.

Analysis: Apple will remain a strong contender due to its loyal user base and their will to compete and survive. Apple is here to stay.

Position: Always buy on major drops and go long.

2. The beginning of the end for Facebook? (Facebook: FB)

Facebook hasn't had performed optimally on a number of spectra last year. Their initial public offering was described by many as anything but predictable and their decision to purchase photo-sharing application Instagram was a sign of their incompetence in the mobile sector. Now at the 1 billion mark user-wise, Facebook will need to think up new features to keep their user-base interested before possible competitors arise who can better penetrate the fast-growing mobile market.

Analysis: I don't believe that any competitor will be able to surpass them anytime in the near future with their 1 million fanbase.

Position: Facebook's stock is still quite unpredictable and for the more experienced traders. Don't trade it unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

3. Tomtom stock exchange exit (Tomtom: TOM2.AS)

Tomtom had mentioned on multiple occasions of their intention to depart from the exchange last year but the decision never fell through. This may change in 2013 as Tomtom ownership (and thus full control) is re-shifted back to the hands of the founders. This move will provide Tomtom calmer waters to sail to grow more into a company focused on B2B rather than just a supplier of consumer electronics. Their position will make them an even more interesting prey to be overtaken by larger players like Apple who expressed their interest in a takeover just last month in 2012.

Analysis: I don't feel Tomtom will be selling out anytime soon as leaders in the auto navigation system business. They are not in a weak position and their financial statements remain strong.

Position: Buy on dips and go short-medium.

4. Groupon loses last remaining flame (Groupon: GRPN)

Let's face it, Groupon is so 2010. The business model, although innovative for its time, has had it's best moments and the stock is reflective of this. Quite frankly speaking, it's not that hard to replicate the business model. Competitors began showing up not so long after Groupon first entered the market as the leading online coupon provider. In 2013, we may very well be reading about the end for Groupon as the coupon market quickly loses its popularity.

Analysis: As long as the sun shines, it is bad news for this Icarus of stocks who could see an exit this year.

Position: Short on highs and go long.

5. Massive layoffs at Phillips (Philips: PHIA.AS)

Phillips, who have been drifting towards poor financial figures towards the final quarters of 2012, are believed to be due to a number of circumstances. Phillips has a history of growth promises since the last decade. The new CEO Frans van Houten, who has also voiced optimism over the company's future, has yet to deal with further deterioration in the consumer electronics market and supply shortages of their health care products of which the economic crisis is surely to blame. 2013 is therefore believed to be the year of layoffs for Philips.

Analysis: Failure is not an option as the creative Dutch will endure the Philips brand and continue to provide innovation during this technological era.

Position: Always buy on dips and close on time. Short-medium.

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