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Search Engines & Fresh Content

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In the 21st Century the battle of the GIANTS are heating up especially between Microsoft and Google to see who can rule and reign over the next decade of global ad search and content.

Content has noticeably gone through a global change of why, what, when and how people want to search, read news or information. Over the last decade search and content started out as long and detailed then got shorter year by year to now we have short or tweeted content as people are being stretched for time online. Back in 2005, in an average day 40 Million people went online.

Today, Facebook and Twitter are attracting some 175 Million people and some 50 Million tweets per day.  

So in an average day a person will visit several websites and spend their time online doing many things such: READ But what is the future of search engines and content online? How will search engines now compete with social-marketing in content versus tweet or face-booking? Some may argue they won’t have to compete they will romantically court them and form strategic alliances to incorporate tweets and facebooking into their search engines. This we can witness prominently with Microsoft as BING with Facebook and Google with Twitter.

But, does this solve or answer all of the search engines wants and needs? I don’t think so.  Google and Microsoft regardless of their strategic partnerships or alliances with Twitter or Facebook still need to maintain their market share of search visits or clicks otherwise they lose traffic, ad customers and much needed revenue. They can only do this successfully by innovative and “fresh content” like an electronic global newspaper for the world to search and read. But if people are not writing or producing fresh content daily how will search engines survive long-term?

Even if they integrate Twitter and Facebook into their search results they will still have to compete with other websites like Second-Life, StumbleUpon, DIGG, MySpace etc for online users “time, activity and place” with the overall question are people online still into using or reading search for news or twittering and facebooking for news and information via email, rumours, gossip, links and referrals of their friends?

This to me is the cross-roads of 2010 into 2012 to see over the next two years or so who will supremely reign as the ultimate King or Queen of global search news, information, content, and traffic conversion into revenue.

Other New Developments

The other new developments are 3D, gaming, I-Pads and the explosion to come of increased VIDEO NEWS CONTENT that although online video in the form of YouTube has been around for some time it is about to change in quality, delivery and distribution in ways that will revolutionize the way content, news, TV, music and web-pages are designed and delivered.

Google, Microsoft and Rupert Murdoch are racing to grab the lion share of VIDEO NEWS CONTENT that is the centre stage commodity and daily proven interest of the world. This is why the Internet GIANTS are actively forming strategic alliances, partnership agreements and takeovers such as Google taking over ON2. 

The above article intellectually explains the strategic focus and importance Internet GIANTS are placing on VIDEO to be the main distributor of news, music, entertainment and gaming.

This again, brings me back to what will happen to content, media and article writing as we know it today. Imagine if news, schools and universities take on the VIDEO approach to education and learning [which looks likely] the teacher or lecturer writing on a black-board or projector could be a thing of the past. VIDEO classes world-wide online would also not only reduce the overheads of maintaining bricks-and-mortar schools and universities but would increase the potential revenue of online universities and schools as you could potentially surpass more paid students online than you would actually fit into a university, classroom or lecture.

Whatever the outcome there are huge changes taking place online and offline and the world as we once knew it in the way people search, read, learn, teach, trade, network and communicate are rapidly changing by the minute. One thing for sure VIDEO is here to stay and it looks likely to rule and reign online and offline.

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