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Television, TV and Internet Talk

Television, TV and Internet Talk is being written to primarily help guide the minds and thoughts of Broadcasting Industry officials around the world as to what is the now and where do you want to go or where is the future of broadcasting heading.

Do you find TV boring? Do you feel sorry for those breakfast TV presenters sitting on sofas with cups of tea or coffee getting paid huge salaries to converse and introduce the next guest? I do. In fact, I think I have felt sorry for them from a child especially watching British TV or Television to now. Simply modernizing Coronation Street or Emmerdale Farm won’t keep viewers from their X-Box, Facebook, Online-dating or Twitter online sessions. Perhaps, the world should learn from the United States of America who undisputedly has the best TV news, program presenters and innovators on planet earth.

Oprah Winfrey and her cable, programming and distribution networks has to be tops! This is a very smart, caring, beautiful and successful Woman who has competed in the toughest Industry in the world among billionaires and ruled. This then makes a great online and off-line 21st Century broadcasting business model. Oprah has built and sold successful networks reaching 74 Million homes as far back as 2000.

She is simply phenomenal! How has she done it? 


Oprah, is always in-front of or listening to her customers on-line and off-line. She also, moves and innovates with audience approval. Therefore, the global problem with TV and Television of the world are most broadcasting and programming executives like their program lists have been around too long. Further, most broadcasting and program directors or executives appear afraid or fearful of innovation or change. Simon Cowell and Oprah must have seen the right “gap-analysis” of the Media and Broadcasting Industry! Oprah and Simon keeps repeating innovation and creation by the day, week, month or year. What I also like about Oprah and Simon Cowell is their intelligence to acquire or retain some of the best and most quirky, smiling, happy, even weird or likeable mixture of performers and presenters such as Ellen, Bad Girls Road Trip, Susan Boyle or Dr. Phil.

In all honesty, would you hire or take a chance on Dr. Phil as Oprah did? I have nothing against Dr. Phil [bless him] I would just find the best looking Doctor money can buy and if that is Dr.Phil ok.

The Current State of TV and Television

The TV Industry is presently at a cross-road where the Internet and digital TV looks set to become the new frontier. And, despite more people staying home, it could be argued this is due to a global financial crisis or most people are spending more time online. One thing I can assure you of is the more people trade, shop, socialize, bank, study and do business online the more time they will spend at home or in-doors on their I-Pad, Lap-top or PC. I bear witness to my socializing and vehicle mileage considerably reduced and spending less time on the phone or leaving the house due to my online work-load, commitments and how technology provides web-cam, conference meetings and the ability to blog, tweet, skype, receive emails or texts in real-time. What more can anyone ask for?

This could potentially save companies cash-flow and money in the future! We obviously do not have the time to go around the world and look at every news media country, but even China is quickly wakening too the digital and interactive power of the Internet. So much so China has taken a direct and defensive stand against Google, limiting entry and operations online and off-line because China sees technology has the invisible power of impacting and capturing data, minds and changing lifestyles without a face-face meeting.

This is wise on the part of China for to allow a Giant as Google into your house who knows what they may capture, alter or sell.

Even FiJi has taken the drastic action of banning all foreign owners of Media companies. Rupert Murdoch was given three months to sell its shares or lose all. This is certain to add to the already billions lost in 2010 by News Corp.    

Rupert Murdoch has always been a global Media player but times are changing and the world is not only getting smaller but more fragmented, divided and indifferent. Countries as well as global companies are seeing the world through technology means tighter controls and more variables, lack of control and inconsistencies. When you see a Giant like Rupert Murdoch openly confused as to how to make his News Corporation profitable online and offline one needs to take heed with wisdom and patience. As the Internet is still evolving at the same time, unraveling the traditional business, educational, family and media world.

TV, Television and New Internet World

The future of Cable, TV, Television and Internet centers on Project Canvas. Put simply, this is the marrying of TV and the Internet that opens the global door of TV advertising, video-on-demand, music-on-demand, games-on-demand and a whole lot more demands of products, brands and services.

Imagine instead of watching TV with the only interactions as on, off, contrast, volume or channel buttons, you now have global search, videos, websites, music and games at your fingertips which quadruples what any present cable provider can offer for free or paid service.

This will be great news for countries and governments in need of income or GDP. Also, it will open the global doors for broadcasting because now all countries are competing globally with online and off-line viewers and subscriptions. Even the Giants like Google, MSN and Facebook will at some point be competing for online TV viewers an even websites will become more video and TV orientated so most of the Internet becomes billions of websites as global channels of video, music, search, advertising and information, news screens.

Now which company or entrepreneur would not want to be apart of such a global opportunity and revenue explosion? You have the right news, information, music, brand, products or service the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube proves a global audience daily. What is not certain is who will be the major competitors of each Industry? Will consumers or industries fade or die as a result of such global innovation and change?

It certainly alters traditional channels of sales, communication and distribution but a smart way to prepare is follow the leaders who have already been successful and are well positioned such as Oprah, Simon Cowell, YouTube, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, BBC, Bing and watch how the right creativity and innovation are keys to global success in the 21st Century.










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