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$AGU in volatility squeeze, chartology: ready to break out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010
$AGU in volatility squeeze, chartology: ready to break out.
Full disclosure, I have FULL positions in IRA and active account of $AGU. I will ADD this week on any pullback to 20sma (the yellow line). If we don't get it, a pullback to $70. If we don't get that, any intraday low @ 10:30 am EST. Check how tight the Bollinger Bands are. The last time so tight, the July 4 Holiday, started a TWENTY buck move. See the purple line I drew? I think it regains that uptrend.

Its starting again. I see $90 on AGU. Of course, if the $SPX falls it will drag AGU with it...but $SPX just blew thru the 20sma 50ema and 200 ema like they weren't even there:

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Disclosure: Very Long AGU