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How To Invest In Gold Every Month

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Gold as we all know is very strong as a commodity and is thus the store od wealth. Its a kind of investment, security, strength now-a-days. The person who are not involved in either Intraday commodity trading or stock trading can also be invest in Gold. Investing in Gold can either be physical or superficial.

Whenever you start investing in Gold or Silver just keep in mind some points like the present rate with the expected price in coming months and years. Secondly do remember and calculate dollar cost averaging (depends on dollar Vs Rupee). Thirdly you should be very clear about the percent of your income to invest in Gold every month (just fix a amount).

Various types to invest in Gold : you can invest in physical gold every month like Gold bars, jewelery, gold coins, gold biscuits, gold rods. Most popular gold coins are American Buffalo, American Eagle and St. Gauden's. You can also invest in Gold by just investing in gold shares and gold funds. There are different form of gold shares in commodity market, we can invest in gold mini, gold micra or the big gold, these gold types are diveded on the bases of per gm gold rate and on the amount of ROI we will be getting after investing in the same. Rather than this there are also some form like comex gold where the trading is done in dollars.

Also before investing in Gold you should be knowing the company well through which you are going to make a deal. Make a detail analysis about the company.

There also another way to buy gold through Gold ETFs (exchange traded funds) ETFs are investment trusts sold on stock exchanges. We can consider them like mutual funds that hold the physical commodity, as opposed to collections of stocks of companies that mine it. The benefit of investing in Gold ETFs is that they reflect the best price then the gold stocks and shares trading.

Last but not the least, there are always some new and recent points which are updated every month and week, as the price and commodity trading news and different rules comes in the way. Those all updates and recent news and ways to invest in can be obtained from my blog or website.

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If you want to invest in other commodities too like silver, copper, crude oil etc, you can do so because all the commodity trading is on boom now-a-days. There are many websites and brokers too which can help you doing so.

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