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Sale Leasebacks Play Increasing Role In Franchise Finance

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Sale Leasebacks Play Increasing Role in Franchise Finance

  • Traditional franchise bank loans in the chain restaurant space have steadily decreased as a percent of total funding with the mix falling from a pre-recession level of 94% to 84% expected this year.
  • In turn, the sale leaseback financing mix has increased from 5% to 14% during this same period.
  • As evident in chart below, traditional bank loan originations increased sharply in 2012 with most of the gains expected to hold this year. Therefore, it is important to understand that the growth in sale leaseback financing has been incremental to total origination growth with the arrival of Store Capital in the middle of 2010 having a big impact on the overall market.
  • Increased sale leaseback activity benefits from steadily lower cap rates which, in turn, increase real estate collateral value.
  • Implications? The possibility of real estate appreciation provides a big reason to invest in a restaurant franchise. While unit level P&L fundamentals have been driving the business for some time (as the real estate market tanked), a rising real estate market provides added confidence to both operators and lenders.

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Source: RR's Restaurant Finance & Valuations Report - February 2013

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