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Trends In Protein & Produce Consumption

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Restaurant Research Think Piece - January 2014

Eating Healthy

  • What does an older, more health conscious consumer population eat?
  • Depends on who you ask? According to the USDA, the obvious answer is less red meat and more poultry as evidenced by the top chart. Apparently, seafood consumption has just been treading water...
  • Tyson's data as presented in the middle chart shows a different look at boneless/skinless (B/S) chicken consumption which peaked during 2008 after ramping-up significantly since the start of the new millennium. This data suggests to us the possibility that protein consumption (even the healthy chicken kind) is tied to economic strength and price, even in the US.
  • One thing is clear from the bottom chart below, Americans are doing a good job of eating more of their veggies and fruits.
  • Conclusion? While healthy is here to stay, the restaurant industry can still probably count on overall higher protein demand when there is more cash in the consumers' wallets.

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Sources: Restaurant Research & USDA

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