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Axion Shareholders Group Website Development Blog

I have created a draft website placeholder to help organize and index data from the Axion Concentrators and other sources about Axion Power International, stock symbol AXPW.OB  The website is here:

This blog has been created to allow members of the Axion Concentrators post their ideas about the purposes, content and struture of the website. The comments herein will be useful to the ultimate design and creation of the website. I offer to create and manage the website and additional volunteer website editors and creators will be offered an opportunity to participate in the design and management of the site. 

Someone has to be in charge of the creation and editing of the website and I nominate myself for the moment. However, I intend to listen to and respect the wishes of a majority of the members. If desired we could name additional inviduals to the task of managing and oversite of the website and make it a collaborative effort. 

The key thing is to keep it simple. Remember the website can be restructured or edited easily in Google Sites. That makes creation and management and changes easy to make. I wish it were that simple in my past experience managing a large ecommerce website that cost 10's of thousands of dollars, outside design and coding consultants, and thousands of manhours to develop amd manage.

I look forward to your comments. Doing this right will take some time. Proper plannng is the key to executing a well designed website and I expect this process will take a while to gell. If this instapost doesn't meet the needs of accomplishing its intent then I will just blow it away and find a better means of our collaboration. 

Below were comment excepts from Concentrator members useful to have handy:

So it is going to be a relatively simple website that has basic info about Axion, PbC and Axion share holders and then tons of links to important article, video clips, pdf storage area....right?

1. Sound like a good idea. Is it easy though to categorize those many links and to do updating(adding new links)? 

2. It also should include link to this Concentrator and make sure all the comment, discussion should keep going on at current Maya's Concentrator.

3. If someone googles "Axion" or "PbC" and then the title"Axion Power Shareholders Group" comes up on first page, it is going to get attention, I think.

Just my 2 cents.

In the disclaimer, I would be partial to "informal association" over "loose confederation".

Maybe picky, but ...

I like the concept, but, like JP, worry about "fragmentation".

ISTM that the all the things that point to activities here at SA, with various ordered list available, might be the most powerful aspect.

General: chronological with article and concentrator links, occasional *important* (i.e. very informative) links directly to comments regardless of "home" container. Repetition is avoided. Other orderings: main topics, business segments, "milestone completions", ...

Storage, ...

Transportation, ...

Alt energy, ...


Ease maintenance chores by have a few very active participants maintain different sections and back-up folks for when real life gets in the way of our fantasy.

I think the strength of organizing the site along these lines is that folks that have specific interests would find the site more useful and, I presume, a structure that raises ranking could also be applied.

All that considered, I think a "forum" there would not be needed. New participants could come right here and participate.

Counter: I would *love* to have a "message board" format with *true* threading and a much better search capability than SA has been able to provided thus far. If the forum could have the sub-categories *and* an "everything from any forum" category, it might be absolutely "perfecto"!


Tim Enright

I enjoy the concentrators because they are "live" and flow according to the current events from the news, SA articles or questions raised from comments. It's a beautiful thing.

My suggestion for an "unofficial" Axion web site would be to point back to the resource that brought us along to where we are today - the information rich archives of SA. An index of annotated links that provides guidance to the information that has already been posted.

Start with an "About" section with notes and links that tell the Axion story and the product.

A "Articles" section with notes and links to all the articles and press releases that have been written about Axion.

A "Blog" section with direct links to all 37+ concentrators with a summary of each. Although it might be difficult to do, it would help a great deal when it comes to non-encyclopedic minds such as mine. It could be as simple as a keyword list.

A categorized "Links" section for quick reference to all the other useful information that relates to Axion and the markets it serves.

It is the journey that is important to me. Let’s just create a map marking out the territory and let each person follow their own path. 

Just a thought… 


Excerpt:  Fantastic. I think there should be a place to "park" or archive pertinent Axion related information as the story of AXPW unfolds. Hopefully, down the road someday, the chapters of unfolding information will come at us with increasing alacrity, such that we will likely need several people working concurrently to choose (or rate) what's "goes in," or not. We may already be at that stage now.