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2011 BCS Championship: "Who Will Win the Big Game?"

As a week of volatile futures prices comes to an end, I thought I would "talk sports" -- and highlight some analysis based on my book's research and "quant facts."  Here is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote on this year's college football championship, featuring #1 Auburn versus #2 Oregon.

 "... our research has verified that certain key concepts of sports psychology can be used to build winning teams. Measuring factors - such as leadership, coaching, hard work, minimizing errors, and consistency - has proven to be useful in determining champions and winners. Focusing on these concepts of sports psychology can yield different results than typical sporting measures and could be interesting to sports executives as well as sports fans. Let's take a look at the "quant facts" for the BCS Championship Game featuring the top-ranked teams in college football."
The book's blog has gone 17-9 in published selections since the book was published.  Please click on this link for the entire article.  The full URL is also shown below.

Carlton Chin is a portfolio manager for Adamah Capital.  Jay Granat is a sports psychologist and founder of  Together, they wrote "Who Will Win the Big Game?  A Psychological & Mathematical Approach."