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Who Will Win the AL / NL Championship Series?

Here are some excerpts from my book's blog "Who Will Win the Big Game?" -- on the baseball playoffs:

"The Detroit Tigers surprised the New York Yankees and will be facing the Texas Rangers (who defeated the Tampa Bay Rays) for the American League Championship.  


The St. Louis Cardinals stunned the Philadelphia Phillies and all of their "Phans" -- but on closer inspection of the statistics, the Cardinals are very strong in one of the key sports psychology categories we study: consistency." 

Who do we think will win the 2011 American League and National League Championships?  Let's take a look at some of the quant factors from our book, "Who Will Win the Big Game?"  (A Psychological and Mathematical Method)."
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I typically write about the financial markets (see below, for instance), but also enjoy applying quant analysis to sports analytics.

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