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Who Will Win the Tennis US Open? (Men's Final & Big Point Performance)

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Tennis Big Point Performance (NYSE:BPP)
What does our Tennis "Big Point Performance" (BPP) say about today's finalists? Our book's tennis measure focuses on performance during big points (break points for and against). BPP has been a good predictor of the latter matches in major tennis tournaments and predicted Federer's loss in last year's final.
BPP gives a very slight edge to Djokovic in this year's US Open final. As you can see in the chart below, the semifinal match gives a tiny edge to Nadal, but using both the quarterfinals and semifinals gives the overall edge to Djokovic. Djokovic has been playing the big points consistently well.
Big Point Performance - Men's Finalists

Djokovic = + 7% and +1 in his five-set match over Federer in the Semi-Finals
Djokovic = +24% and +5 in QF match
Nadal = +13% and +2 in his semi-final match over Youzhny
Nadal = -56% and -2 in QF match

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