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Trading the Trends

Hello forex traders,

The last couple of days has seen an increase in the forex market momentum and this has provided some breakout and also trend trading opportunities.

The currency market being the biggest market in the world generally tends to trend exceptionally well.  However, there are times like with all markets that it slows down and goes into a consolidation phase otherwise knows as a range bound market.  We have witnessed this slow down in recent months but now the currency market seems to be getting back into the trending phase again.

Once we have our forex trading signals, we look to enter the markets based on proven trading strategies.  We specialise in technical analysis and trend trading and we do not look to second guess and predict the next market move or sit in front of the computer scalping or day trading with the hope of making 10 pips where we can.  Instead, we trade the trend of the market then sit back and allow our trading system and trade management rules to take over for us, enabling our trading to be more profitable and free of emotion and concern.

All Dynamic Traders should prepare themselves for potential good profits in the coming weeks.  We will discuss the exact forex trade set ups more in the Trading Room and send out the entry and stop values via the emails and SMS alerts, but before then, please ensure you have the latest version of Advanced Get and the Trading Tools set up and working properly before the New Year.  Please let us know if you have any difficulty in doing this.  In the next couple of days, we will be sending out an additional Trading Tool which will be a visual grid for MMax.

The EURCAD chart below shows the trend is down based on price action and Stochastics.  Depending on market conditions in the coming weeks, this currency cross may offer a a variety of trading opportunities.  Your new additional tool will make it even easier to spot the next trade set up.

In the New Year, we will be providing registered members the long, medium and short term currency trends twice a week.  If you have not registered then please do so. It is FREE and takes less than a minute.  Click here for the Dynamic Trader Trends.

Euro Canadian Dollar chart courtesy of Advanced get