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New Book Out: Myth-Busting The Stock Market: Developing Uncommon Sense By Challenging Financial Truisms

So I have a new book out that is a compilation of my favorite articles and posts written by yours truly. The goal of this book was to tackle popular Wall Street and investment ideals to see whether they were sound or merely hot air. Some of the topics I consider in the book are:

  1. What is risk? (or more correctly how investment experts are misrepresenting what risk really is)
  2. Are share buybacks really that good for the shareholder?
  3. Is strategy back-testing a fools game?
  4. How dividends actually create value
  5. What is the truth about active vs. passive investing?
  6. Should you use stop-losses?
  7. Which dividend policy compounds the fastest?
  8. How to hyper-compound a dividend stream
  9. Why the stock market is almost worthless

It is available at I will run promo's on Amazon so you can download it for free (under KDP Select program). This information is a compilation of blogs and articles that I have written at SeekingAlpha and Portfolio Cafe and have re-publishing rights to.


Kurtis Hemmerling

Book Cover Preview of Myth-Busting the Stock Market