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Keep An Eye On Uranium - URA

|Includes:Global X Uranium ETF (URA)

Since the Fukushima incident Uranium producers and the whole nuclear segment have been in a bear market. Recent events are shifting the tide as China continues its Nuclear plant build out, which has more urgency these days given the smog problems there. Additionally, Japan is rethinking its policy toward nuclear as well given the cost of bringing in LNG to power their insatiable demand for electricity. Moreover, the Megatons to Megawatts treaty ended this past December in 2013, meaning that there is less uranium available to the private market as the source has dried up. Some of you may know that Uranium had a huge run a couple years ago and then collapsed. It has taken quite some time but I believe the market has finally put in a bottom. Please view the attached chart of Global X Uranium ETF (NYSEARCA:URA). I have annotated the chart but the bottom lime is it appears to me to be setting up for a new run after braking free of the long term down trend it was caught up in. There are other stocks to choose from like the larger cap Cameco (NYSE:CCJ) and much smaller Dennison Mines (NYSEMKT:DNN), but URA will give you exposure to those and others providing you with some diversification in the sector but at the cost of some performance which given the volatility of this space is a fair compromise especially if you are not a geologist.

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Disclosure: I am long URA.

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