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Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful And Fearful When Others Are Greedy

There is an unbelievable amount of fear in the markets- Still! This has been going on for 5+ years. Constantly you read article headlines and the "experts" on the TV saying that the correction is coming. I guarantee that when fear, doom and gloom are all featured in the markets, the price for business will not fall. Remember every year when there was a problem (Euro Crisis, debt ceiling, whatever)? Each time, there was someone on CNBC screaming to take money out of stocks and put it in gold, bonds, whatever. Yet, where are we today?

Every morning I look at the headlines and pray that it's all good news. It's the only way I know that the markets are finally ready to take a much needed break and fall a little. But that's not happening. Every time the market goes up, it's "a sell signal." You want to know when the correction will come? It comes when the "experts" come on TV in unison and all finally agree that this market is a buy.

I personally want the market to drop- it's a healthy transition. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that we're on the track for eight straight gains on the DOW.

Take heed to the blog title- it's how the titans play the game- it's a fun game.