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Silver Price Closes Higher For 13 Trading Days Breaking 23-Year-Old Record

The price of silver has closed higher (or no change) for the past 13 trading days, according to data from the London Bullion Market Association.

The previous record, using the data which goes back to 1968, was in 1989, where the price of silver went from $5.27 on November 8 to through November 27 to $5.80 on November 24. That was 12 consecutive trading days closing higher (or no change).

The 1989 record was almost broken in 2010, when there were 11 straight trading days where the closing price did not fall.

Surprisingly, of the past 13 trading days where silver not closed down, gold has closed down 5 times. So this pricing anomaly is unique to silver.

This record applies to the London Silver Fix, and may not apply to other closing prices (such as New York COMEX and the SLV and PSLV ETFs), since they are recorded at different times of the day.