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Soos Global Capital Advisors, LLC debuts on

This is Soos Global Capital Advisors' ("Soos Global")  first 'Instablog' on  As Founder and Principal of Soos Global, it is my goal to share valuable market commentary that drives our own decision making process in globally asset allocating client portfolios.  As you can see in more detail on our website ( our approach is global, our analysis is dynamic and our portfolio development and management process is comprehensive. 

It is also important to note that while all of our commentaries on are meant to be thought-provoking and relevant to a broad mix of investment/trading styles, every commentary made by Soos Global on will be subject to the comprehensive disclosure information that we've included in the "Soos Global Capital's Company" section of the Profile page.  We urge every 'follower' to read that thoroughly as it gives great detail on how we run our overall business.

In coming days I will begin to lay out our current thinking on global markets including views on global Equity markets, Fixed Income, Commodities, Currencies, and Emerging Markets.  I will spell out how we're currently allocated in our fully discretionary Growth and Aggressive Growth portfolios and will detail specific holdings, usually by asset class, sector and industry, but also by specific company names.

I'm looking forward to sharing my perspectives on global markets and I invite any constructive commentary and feedback.

More later....

(For more information on my background and career experience, please see the "About Soos Global Capital" section of the Profile page and/or our website at ).