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Seeking Alpha for Investor Relations: Open to Suggestions

I've started a series of posts for investor relations professionals and company executives that is exploring how they can become successful contributors to the Seeking Alpha community. My overriding objective is to ensure that IROs and company executives have a realistic understanding of what is required for them to add value to the site.

It's clear from the input I've already received from SA regulars that companies that join simply to push out news releases and promotional materials are going to fall flat on their faces, and potentially alienate people here.

I've also received some excellent suggestions from SA regulars on the types of content they'd like to see from companies, but I can always use more input from the SA community.

The first post is an overview of SA and its audience (I'll update this list as new posts are posted):

1. For Investor Relations, Seeking Alpha may be the ideal social network

2. How to Get Started on Seeking Alpha

3. Why Regulation FD shouldn’t keep you from Seeking Alpha