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The Analytical Trader On Marketfy

I went live today with a new product on Marketfy. I love this platform, which is owned by Benzinga. Why? It's the first ever curated and verified marketplace for trading services, like alerts and education. There is so much garbage out there: How is someone supposed to find out if the provider is legitimate and worth pursuing?

Marketfy takes many steps to assure the legitimacy of its providers, including background checks and verification. The trades sent through its trade-alerts are run through a live real-time engine to make sure that they are consistent with what's really available to subscribers. I have linked up with these guys because of their technology and their transparent approach.

My product, The Analytical Trader, is really simple. There are 4 trades at a time, each with a maximum time-frame of two weeks, but the trades expire before if the stop or the target are hit. The trades are set up for a 4:1 reward to risk potential, with a typical trade offering 10% upside and 2.5% downside. The reality of this type of approach is that there will be more "losses" than "wins", but the skew in the outcomes leads to a "win" where it counts: The Bottom Line!

I have been employing this strategy, which is based upon an integrated approach that takes into account both technical analysis and fundamental analysis, for more than a year for my subscribers at My Own Analyst. Marketfy has made my life much easier - the trade alerts go out via text or email, and, perhaps best of all, subscribers can share their own thoughts in the "activity stream" on the website. Marketfy tracks performance and makes it easy to see what the four trades we have on currently are - when they were put on and at what price. I support all of my ideas with a blog posting too.

Come check it out if you are a swing-trader. Subscriptions are $72 per month. There is no risk - you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund.