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Is This The Google "Workaround"?

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That brings in enhanced campaigns. As Larry talked about this, enhanced campaigns was a big long-term bet that is designed to help advertisers more easily reach customers across devices with the right message, all within one campaign. We already migrated six million of active campaigns to enhanced campaigns over the last many months. Our goal is to migrate all of our advertisers and campaigns by the end of this month. This effort has been executed at breakneck-speed and client reaction has been generally positive.

We're getting back evidence from clients seeing improved performance unit using enhanced campaigns. For example Pizza Hut. Social mobile ROI increased by 20%. They found that mobile click through rate has increased by more than 60% while that cost per order on smartphones is dropped by 17%. We believe enhanced campaigns does set up our clients and our business really well for the long-term and the move towards a constantly connected world goes far beyond just direct response and transaction of marketing.

Larry Page - CEO

Yes, that's a great question. I will also say maybe one sentence and turn it over to the other guys. I think it's important to keep in mind like enhanced campaigns are the largest change we made in AdWords ever, and it was done pretty quickly, and so I think we're still very, very early stages with that. We changed tremendous amounts for how our teams operate, how our advertisers operate, how everyone buys those ads, what the users see, and we've done it pretty well. It's been pretty smooth which I'm really excited about. But, like I said that's the early stages of a very, very major change. I think we're very pleased with how that's going.

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