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StockViews: A Fun And Useful Tool

I have been involved with StockViews for several months now. It is a website that allows individuals to share stock picks and track performance. Every pick is measured relative to the S&P 500 at the time it is made - an alpha measurement of sorts. You can see my record, for instance, here. Even if you don't want to share picks, you can follow other individuals. The website keeps a leader-board of "star traders" too that you can access here.

I was quite pleased to receive an email today that details plans for the service to expand soon. Here is an excerpt:

Incorporating the feedback from our members we have made a number of changes to the site over the past few weeks, which include

- A redesigned home page
- A greater number of stocks (we now have over 1000 stocks on the site)
- Better information on how performance is measured
- A more interactive "Morning Meeting" with the ability to post your own comments
- The ability to simultaneously tweet your posts

Having been in a "Private Testing" phase to date, we now feel confident to launch the site more widely to the public. You should notice greater promotion of the site externally as well as an increase in the size of our community. Our first Press Release was issued last week to announce this launch and you can find it here:

In the coming weeks we will also be announcing a number of other events:
- The first round of promotions for StockViews members who have demonstrated a strong track record
- The first of our monthly competitions
- The launch of StockViews Campus, an educational resource for our members

I have really enjoyed my interaction with StockViews so far and am looking forward to some of these new initiatives.