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Capitalizing On Cannabis: The Imminent Collapse Of Cannabis Prohibition

420 Investor Webinar - Tuesday, 10/8 @ 7PM EST


After recently sharing his ambitious plans to create the world's first retail brand for legal, premium marijuana, Diego Pellicer, Jamen Shively joins Alan Brochstein, the first "Cannabis Financial Analyst" who just launched 420 Investor as the premier source of information for those looking to capitalize on the "Green Rush" through their investments, for another live webinar. Shively and Brochstein will be joined by John Davis, CEO of Northwest Patient Resource Center and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).

Join Alan as he interviews these two cannabis industry thought leaders and learn about the recent history of cannabis regulations and why regulatory expert Davis believes that the recent approvals by voters in Colorado and Washington will likely be followed by a significant number of states legalizing recreational cannabis in 2016. After hearing John's perspective, investors will have a much better gauge of the future pace of legalization. Additionally, Jamen plans to unveil a major initiative that he believes could further accelerate the fall of "Big Prohibition."

Here is a link to the 75-minute webinar from 10/1 entitled:

"The Dot-Bong Era" - Jamen Shively Explores Capitalizing on Cannabis with 420 Investor

Jamen's presentation intro is here, and this was a big point that he made regarding how quickly the "Berlin Wall" of "Big Prohibition" is crumbling.

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