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The Advanced Battery Development In China - Weekly (05/12/2012)

|Includes:Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (ALTI), BYDDF, ENS, XIDEQ

The state grids may generate renewable energy as high as 15% in a new quota system.

05/04/2012 (China Security Journal) - "Renewable energy generation quota regulation(Discussion Paper)", a primary concern in the industry, has been delivered, and will be officially announced to implement it after broadly soliciting opinions from various groups. Obtained from the National Energy Bureau by an reporter of China Security Journal, the Discussion Paper suggests that the quota and the related obligations for renewable energy generation would be shared by electricity generation enterprises, power grids and local energy regulatory authorities, among them the state grids need to undertake renewable energy generation as high as 15% in the new quota system.

"Lead-acid battery industry entry requirements" may be released in May

05/08/2012 - A new storm of environment protection from lead-acid battery may be coming to attack soon. This might be another opportunity for China's lead-acid industry.

The environment protection storm occurred last year was unprecedented for the lead-acid battery industry. More than 80% of lead-acid battery companies were banned or shut down, according to the data from the Department of Environment Protection. However, the leading companies in the industry had a good year. Camel Group(SH:601311) increased sales 17% from the previous year; The revenue of Fengfan(SH: 600482) was up to 4.074 billion yuan , an annual increase of 25.18%; Chilwee Power(0951.HK) raised the sales up to 4.932 billion yuan, an increase of 52.9% over the previous year.

Tea growers enjoy China's first portable lithium-ion battery powered energy storage

05/09/2012 - Yesterday, a portable energy storage powered by lithium-ion battery was connected into the end of the electric distribution network at Gande Town of Anxi County in Fujian province.

It is reported that this portable energy storage looks like a large ordinary truck with its body painted with orange color; and inside truck, there are two cabinets of power cells, one PCS enclosed transformer, and one monitoring and control panel. The two cabinets of power cells were described to contain 1400 most advanced Lithium iron phosphate batteries, capable of 2 hours continuous discharge at maximum power of 125 kilowatts. It can serve 10 to 15 tea growers simultaneously during the peak time of using electricity for tea processing.

It is also reported that Anxi distribution network will soon add two more units with 125 kilowatts Max power, 250 kwh and 375 kwh energy capacity respectively.

BYD's all-electric bus sets foot in Canadian market

05/09/2012 (Ministry of Commerce) - China's BYD company and Windsor city of Canada inked a deal to supply the city 10 electric buses for public transit. According to the agreement, BYD will set up production facility in Windsor and expect to promote its product in the North American market. Windsor will become the first city using long range all-electric bus in the area.

BYD said that its electric bus for the export to Ontario is equipped with new generation lithium iron phosphate battery system that contains no heavy metal or toxic electrolyte and does not use any corrosive, making its product the most environment friendly option in the market. BYD company has sold more than 300 all-electric buses globally and has a back order of 1400 in 2012, becoming the largest electric bus manufacturer in the world.

Grids Interconnection technologies for renewable energy applications may receive government support up to 300 million yuan in 2012

05/09/2012 (China Security Journal) - "The Twelfth Five-Year special plan for smart grid as a major science and technology industrialization project", announced recently, lists 9 key technologies as the development priorities during the period, including grids interconnection technologies for large scale intermittent renewable energy, electric grids technologies supporting electric vehicle development, and large scale energy storage systems.

Large scale new energy applications demand grids interconnection technologies for large scale intermittent renewable energy with particular urgency. It is estimated that the grants for the technology supported by this year's "863" special plan would be up to 300 million yuan, said Jiang Xiuchen, an industry expert who is deputy head of panel for "863" smart grids project of Ministry of Science and Technology.