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How good are the Rangers?

After demolishing Edmonton at home on Sunday in a game that included a hat trick by Gaborik and some excellent fights, mostly spurred by Avery (duh), the Rangers did something very un-Ranger-ly; they backed it up.  The actually went into Pittsburgh and won a tight game in overtime.  Official stars of the game were both teams’ goalies, King Henrik had 37 saves, but you gotta give some props to Stahl and, most of all, Dubinsky.  Down 2-1 in the third with 1:26 left, Dubs thread the needle with a pass to Stahl deep in the offensive zone and Stahl flipped in what looked like a trick-shot for a crowd-deflating shorty.  Then, with 1:28 left in OT, Callahan played some nice D and got a little lucky when Zbynek Michalek tripped over his own feet giving Callahan and Dubinsky a wide open 2 on 1, Paul Martin being the 1.  Martin hit the ice trying to block the pass, but Dubinsky dangled around him and fed RyCal for an easy one-timer.  I considered picking Dubinsky up in my fantasy league a few games ago, but figured his production would taper as all Rangers’ production does.  Nonetheless, the kid from Alaska has done nothing but impress me this season.   Speaking of Stahl, Dubinsky actually reminds me a little of Jordan Stahl, but with more talent.  In fact, Dubs is now tied with O-V for a T-5 10 goals on the season – probably should have grabbed him when I had the chance.

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