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Have a Social Networking page??…Better bring your ashthma pump..

Do you have a Facebook page??..If so, you better keep an asthma pump handy.

This was the case for an 18-year old Italian man who was “unfriended” by his girlfriend on Facebook. After being dumped by her, the depressed young man tried “friending” her again with no luck. He was, however, successful after creating a “fake page” on the networking site and requesting her under a new alias . What he found on her page next, literally, took his breath away. His ex-girlfriend not only broke up with him, but also started befriending new guys right after their breakup. This was too much for the young man whose asthma was triggered after looking through her page, latest pictures and status updates. 

This 18-year old “Facebook/Social Networking Stalker” (as some may refer to him) may have received more than what he bargained for.

But how in the world can Facebook or any other Social Networking site cause an asthma attack, you might ask? According to Doctors, smoking and poor air conditions are only some of the few causes of asthma. Other things can trigger it such as stress and anxiety. For this young man, who previously had his asthma condition under control, the stress from seeing his ex-girlfriend’s behavior right after their breakup was too much for him to handle. The man was only able to control his asthma again after seeing a doctor, psychiatrist and concluding to keep off Facebook.

Moral of the story: If you suffer from Asthma, keep a pump nearby just in case you decide to start snooping around your ex’s social networking page. What you find just might take your breath away.

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