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Verizon…The ultimate perfectionist

Some of you might also be waiting for the the LONNNNG awaited debut of the iPhone for Verizon. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you are aware of my dilemma with Apple/iPhone/Verizon. And although I try to keep my anxiety down by staying away from blogs or news sites that may make the slightest mention of the Verizon iPhone, I still find myself hearing about it from somewhere.

As I turned to my local TV news channel recently, not 5 minutes after turning it on, the news reporter confidently announced the infamous “iPhone/Verizon” merge. (Insert Sounds from Heaven here). Usually, this would not have caught much of my attention as I’ve read hundreds of articles about this supposed “merge” for months…maybe years, now. All being incorrect. The only thing that changed my mind about its validity this time was the “reputable source” it was coming from. According to this reporter, whose name I will not mention, the iPhone would be coming to Verizon NEXT YEAR!! And, although I heard the words “next year” I immediately replaced them with the words “next month.”

Huh? What was that? Oh. Well…Why not? Next month will be January, right? And January is technically counted as “next year”, isn’t it?

So after perusing the web when hearing the new (more “reputable”) information, and finding nothing to confirm what was said, I just settled it in my mind that the darn Verizon iPhone will not let me down once again and still debut next year/month– in January 2011.

Unfortunately, that belief was soon shattered when another article was brought to my attention. According to this article, the iPhone would not be arriving to Verizon until 2011′s 2nd quarter. It looked as though the company would probably not advertise the iPhone coming to Verizon until the 2011 Superbowl Sunday. It also included Verizon’s desire to have ample time to test and remove as many glitches  between the system and the iPhone before releasing it to the public.

What is up with Verizon?? I mean, I do give them credit because they learned from AT&T’s mistake by releasing the iPhone before confirming their network’s sustainability. It’s smart to really test things out before releasing data-heavy phones such as the iPhone. But, c’mon!

Its like being really excited for a first date with the most beautiful and popular girl in your school. You’ve anticipated this for weeks, replaying the date in your mind over and over again. When you finally reach her house to pick her up, she invites you in and tells you she needs an extra 10 minutes to get ready but to have a seat in her living room anyway. You’re still really excited and anxious but decide to look through some of the magazines on her coffee table to keep you distracted while you wait. Before you know it, you look at your watch and realize you’ve been waiting on your date for over 45 minutes and haven’t heard a peep from her since she let you in and ran upstairs. You start to get a little mad, but you hold your silence anyway and continue to wait. 45 minutes quickly turn into an hour and a half. Now you’re really steaming. I mean, who does this chick think she is? She’s hot. But not THAT hot! Your stomach is experiencing hunger pains, and you’ve read through all her dumb House and Garden magazines more than four times already! You knew she was a little of a perfectionist, but not by this much. Just as you feel yourself rising out of your seat to go upstairs and give her a piece of your mind, you hear foot steps coming down the stairs followed by her sweet voice yelling, “are you ready?”

This is how I look at Verizon. The prettiest and most popular out there. But the ULTIMATE PERFECTIONIST. Taking their sweet time in their decision and deal making, phone distribution, and network setup. Every “i” must be dotted, every “t” must be crossed. Not taking into consideration the time their customers wait anxiously for their new products to arrive.

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