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Wikileaks Wars Episode V: The Hackers Strike Back.


WikiLeaks Hackerz by Areade DAre

As the Wikileaks controvesy continues to unfold, the merchant of secret government documents continues make headlines. The site has been subjected to a barrage of attacks by political officials since its last document dump. Things have gotten so tense that, posting Wikileaks links on social networking sites will guarantee you don’t get a government job (  Like as if that wasn’t enough, potential Wikileaks victim Bank of America have stated they are in battle mode, preparing for the media warfare that may arise as a result of Wikileaks next document dump. Crazy shit huh?

Well apparently not crazy enough. Hackers have been attacking companies like MasterCard and Visa in response to the treatment that Wikileaks and its founder Assange have been receiving. Treatment in the form of MasterCard and Visa freezing their accounts. It’s like a scene out of Hackerz (the movie), where Angelina Jolie and ZeroCool took down a corporation using their Pentium-powered laptops. However, that was in an effort to prevent a potential disaster as well as going to jail.

The defense of Wikileaks by the hackers is noble but their enthusiam and skills may be misguided. It might sound silly but I think the Wikileaks dumps will continue to cause more harm than good. The truth is that the economy is struggling to get back on its feet and the financial markets are still volatile. With the impending Bank Of America dump coming around the corner, I can’t help but feel that it will continue to feed into the pessimism that is so prevalent today.

I mean I might be wrong on this but you be the judge. How much knowledge is too much knowledge?

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.