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Short Lululemon: The Anti Mom and Mother-in-law trade

“Hi mom.”, …….””Hi Jeremy”, “We haven’t spoken in a weeks.”……”I know mom, how have you been?”……….”Fine, I am getting ready to go out to LA for a month, visiting my friends,…I rented a beautiful apartment”. We are in my sister’s driveway, its Sunday night. As I manage my Mother’s money, and have been under some significant stress these days, my mother caringly asks, “How are things going?” I breathe for a moment and let her know that things have been stabilizing in the market and business seems to be in a reasonable place. I understand. She has been concerned for me lately. What mother who has a son that works in finance has not been a bit concerned over the last few years?  Both for her son and the condition of her portfolio… I am dropping off my niece at my sister’s house. My mother is babysitting. I am anxious to get home and have a Sunday night cocktail. “Mom, let me give you a call tomorrow, Ok?”…”No problem Jeremy. Go, Go. We can talk tomorrow” I point the key chain at the car and unlock the doors; I am 15 seconds from being in the car and turning on the engine. My mother is walking up the steps to my sister’s house. Ding, Ding, and Ding the car alerts itself to the fact that I have opened the door. I hear my nephew and nieces calling for my mother,……….and then it happens………….”Jeremy, one last thing…”………..I have not yet actually gotten in the car. No excuse to plead ignorance. “Yes Mom, whats up?”…She steps down from my sister’s entranceway.  “Jeremy, have you heard of Lulu Lemon?”  Of course I have heard of Lulu Lemon, I have been practicing Yoga for the last 18 months, but more importantly, what trader hasn’t heard of Lululemon, with its skyrocketing price and heavy short interest? “Yes mom, I have heard of Lululemon.” For a moment I think that is the end of it. But the she says it….”Do you think “WE” should buy some Lululemon stock?”…She continues….”I heard a whole “THING” on CNBC about Lululemon, it sounds like we should buy some.”

There it is. I don’t know if it i is tomorrow or Tuesday. But we are about to set in short term highs on Lululemon. Tomorrow I will begin building a short position. I call this trade the Anti Mom and Mom-in-law trade. It is very simple. I truly value my Mom’s and mother-in-law’s opinions on most everything, except stocks. It has very rarely failed me. As a side note, my mother-in-law has recently been asking me if I thought Apple was cheap.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.