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Rangers making strides

Last night the Rangers beat a smoking hot Pittsburgh Penguins team.  Up until a loss to the Flyers the previous night (a frequent thorn in Pitt’s side lately) the Pens were on a 12-game win streak.  Malkin scored a very pretty goal with 13 seconds left in the first period, which left Hank looking quite silly as he flailed aimlessly trying to stop the Russian.  Sid also kept his point-scoring streak a live with an assist on Malkin’s goal.  Second period was fairly uneventful.  The third, however, was all Rangers all the time; or at least for the last 10 minutes it was.  In a brief stretch of 6 minutes and 20 seconds the Rangers scored 4 goals.  What’s interesting is who scored the goals – Christensen, Frolov, Anisimov, Boyle.  Not Gaborik or…Gaborik.  It’s great to see the hardworking, third and fourth line grinders win a game against, arguably, the best team in the league.  Perhaps the strategy of grooming young talent (read Stahl, Dubinsky, Callahan, Girardi) and building a team around them, as opposed to several 12 year veterans whose best years are behind them, is starting to pay dividends.  Then again, I can’t get too excited as these are the Rangers and there’s a lot of season left.  Let’s see if the Knicks can borrow some of what the Rangers are drinking and beat a streaking Miami Heat team tonight.

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