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Ipad is Overpriced, Get a Nook Color – The Peoples’ Tablet

 I’m a Kindle 3 user and I love it.  Prior to this, I used to think that Barnes & Noble’s Nook was a piece of crap compared to the Kindle 3.  Well I still think that it is, but that opinion only applies to the Nook Classic (which is the e-ink version of the Nook).  The Nook Color is a very different story here and I believe that B&N has a big hit on their hands.

I got a Nook Color for Christmas and I must say that I love it!  I am a Kindle 3 user for reading so I wasn’t really thinking about getting a tablet-type device as I use my portable devices mainly for reading on the internet and now books and newspapers on the Kindle 3.  I love my Kindle 3 and will keep it as it does a few things that the Nook Color doesn’t do like getting newspapers delivered directly and automatically to it via Calibre while using my existing login info for my online publications.  In any event, the Nook Color does a lot of things that the Kindle 3 doesn’t do, or do well.  I can browse the internet via an excellent android-based brower, I can play videos, view pictures, play games, play music either my own or Pandora, read books, lend and borrow books from others, borrow books from the library, read for free at any Barnes and Noble store, etc..  While this device doesn’t do as much as the Apple Ipad, it definitely does enough for me and probably most people that are considering buying a tablet in the near future.  Face,it, most people use their tablets to read, browse the internet, watch videos, look at pictures, play some games, and listen to music.  The Nook Color does all of this on a very sleek device with a 7-inch color touch screen for only $249 versus the Ipad which starts at $499 and the Galaxy Tab which costs as much as $600 without a wireless contract.  I don’t see why most people would pay a premium for the Ipad when they most likely don’t really want to bother with the hundreds of thousands of bullship apps that are available for the Ipad that they may actually use once or twice.  While it will be an uphill marketing battle and B&N could easily screw it up, I really do believe that the Nook Color could really take off and become the “peoples’ tablet” especially at the $249 price point when the current competition is at least twice that price and the future tablet competition (Blackberry Playbook and the future tablet from Motorola) is likely to be priced as high as the Ipad.  Go get one today!

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