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Love, Sex, and Money – What Does Your Zodiac Tell You?

In astrology there is a direct relationship between the stock market, love and money.  For example, if you feel good about yourself and believe that you deserve love and intimacy it supports drawing money towards you.

Conversely, making money supports a feeling of well being in order to attract love.  On April 4, 2011 an important macro cosmic event takes place; Neptune is entering the sign of Pisces, ending the 14 year cycle of Neptune in Aquarius. The Neptune ingress (entrance) will usher in a period of love, spirituality, and religious discord; a period where intuitive insights trump scientific and technological thinking.

Within this longer term astrological cycle lie many shorter term cycles.  On March 1, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius.  Venus is the planetary archetype associated with love and relationships. Aquarius is an air sign, which signifies objective thinking.  By combining the definitions of Venus and Aquarius we get some suggestions of how to work with the cosmos to seek a new love or enhance an existing relationship.  Aquarius rules public places and social gatherings; open your mind to going out with friends, getting fixed up, trying new experiences, and even online dating.  When you do meet an eligible candidate seek friendship and communication. This period is particularly opportunistic for single Aquarians, Librans and Geminis.  For married or committed couples, try using the moon as a timing guide.  Cancerians and Leos should look towards the end of the week for good sex; schedule something.

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