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Top Headlines of the last week — Here are some of the top news stories of the last week:

-U.N. backed forces have begun attacking Gaddafi and his supporters in Libya. Gaddafi has consequently vowed to fight a long war. The rebels in Libya are showing support for the assistance. Mainly French and American forces are participating in the bombings.

-March Madness kicked off. UNC, Duke and OSU have rolled ahead through their games. #11 seeds are having a particularly good year, with Marquette, VCU and Gonzaga upsetting opponents to move on.

-AT&T has announced it will buy T-Mobile for 39 billion dollars.

-Japanese engineers continued to fight the threat of a nuclear reactor meltdown. Actual progress has been made, however, the fight is not over yet. Attention is now being paid to possible radiation contamination of the food supply.

-The players of the NFL have filed officially to strike next season. Some players have already started looking for new work. Chad Ochocinco, will reportedly try out for an MLS team, while other players are showing interest in playing in the CFL (arena football).

-Starbuck’s CEO has officially blamed the rising price of coffee of speculators. His rationale is that his suppliers are telling him they have no problem with the crop or shortages on the supply side, the price is simply increasing.

-Diet-Coke is the new #2 cola in terms of sales, surpassing Pepsi which held the spot for more than a decade. Coca-cola classic is still the #1.